Sergey Neamoscou (tumblr) is a talented analog photographer born in Moscow in 1981. At the moment he lives in Paris. He always considered himself a “post card” which was sent to the wrong address and to the wrong country. He is in love with soviet cameras and shooting expired. 

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kaiser & dolly | do not edit.

kaiser & dolly | do not edit.


"i’m not ignoring you i just don’t know what to say to you" a film written, directed, produced by and starring me

"Kyungsoo who has a cute image and looks like he has a lot of aegyo, surprisingly said he didn’t have aegyo. But the members testified that even if he didn’t have aegyo he was just cute." 

You’re my bang, together we go bang bang bang

Photographs by Noh Suntag


Countdown to Jongin’s birthday | N°2 / 100

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In order, who would be the best and the worst at playing paintball in exo? who do you think would get hit first and who would be the winner in a free for all? I would love to hear your opinion about this :D
  1. luhan, really competitive and strategic!! makes a deal with jongdae to form an unstoppable force against the others (note: always planned to turn his back on jongdae so he would emerge as victor)
  2. chen, not even the very sneakiest can win against luhan’s competitiveness u__u
  3. kyungsoo, merciless and fearsome
  4. jongin, baby boy would try his hardest but in the end his downfall is not being able to shoot at kyungsoo
  5. minseok, just playing for the fun of it but gets in some sneaky shots at the others~
  6. yixing, would try his best because playing with the members is fun!!!
  7. sehun, laughs his ass off every time someone is hit (read: every time tao screams and falls over)
  8. chanyeol, enthusiastic and easygoing but general lack of coordination keeps him from being a better player ^^”
  9. baekhyun, spends more time laughing at the others and making smartass comments than looking out for himself
  10. tao, screams and falls over every time someone shoots at him
  11. kris, gets hit in an embarrassingly short amount of time because paintball isn’t his style
  12. suho, knows he’s an easy target and admits defeat before they’ve even begun but he’ll take it for the happiness of his kids